North Carolina Department of Public Instruction provides school letter grades for each public school in North Carolina along with the NC School Report Cards.

COVID-19 caused devastating efforts on the entire Nation’s educational system. Carter Community strives to provide the same rigorous, student-centered, and engaging instruction for all students virtually and in person. Due to the pandemic, the State of North Carolina did not administer any End of Grade Assessments and NC School Report Card grades were not issued.

The overall grade of a “D” issued in 2018-2019 is a snapshot in time. It does show the success record we have meeting and exceeding student growth as measured by the State of North Carolina.  Our students have grown by leaps and bound and we are proud of the progress we have made. The individualized student instructional plans, the social and emotional learning program, student leadership opportunities, and all the extracurricular opportunities continue to address the needs of our students and continue to move our students to academic success.

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